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Acme Machine & Welding, L.L.C.
73526 Bollfield Drive
Covington, Louisiana 70435

Phone: (985) 867-1391
Fax: (985) 867-5651
Toll Free: (800) 965-4511

About Us  

Acme Machine & Welding has been in business since 1985, serving south Louisiana and Mississippi regions. Our machine and fabrication facility is located in St. Tammany Industrial Park in Covington, Louisiana.

Our dependable service and quality workmanship has made us a leader in the machining industry. We machine parts for the offshore industry as well as a variety of custom engineered products. We have complete CNC machining capabilities providing consistency in all machine and mill parts. We have experience in machining a variety of materials: such as stainless, castings, and plastics. In today’s cost conscious environment, Acme can be competitive without sacrificing quality workmanship.

At Acme Machine & Welding, L.L.C. we are committed to a “Total Quality” philosophy. Our company is founded upon the principles of quality, safety, and dependability. Our goal is to produce quality parts for a fair price.

Our quality control program establishes a set of controlled procedures maintained and implemented to assure that manufacturing materials and processes meet the standards of our customer’s request.

Safety meetings are held quarterly to review potential safety hazards and keep employees informed of safety regulations. A trained medical attendant is on site during normal working hours. Safety, hazardous waste, and substance abuse policies are enforced to ensure a safe work environment.